About the Journal

Hieroglyphs (e-ISSN = 2983-6573) is an internationally peer-reviewed open access e-journal aiming to promote the academic study of hieroglyphs in all their dimensions in Egyptology and with a comparative angle extending to other hieroglyphic traditions and writing systems with a strongly iconic component. The journal provides a dedicated home for studies of hieroglyphs in all their semiotic, linguistic, cognitive, aesthetic, cultural, and material aspects.

Hieroglyphs invites serious academic discussions on the following, non-exclusive list of themes in Egyptology and in other hieroglyphic or related traditions:

  • the semiotics and linguistics of hieroglyphic writing systems
  • categorization and representation of knowledge in hieroglyphic signs
  • the repertoire of signs, and discussions of individual signs, their forms, visual and cultural referents, and “biographies” (diachronic aspects)
  • relations to iconography and visual/aesthetic culture; extended practices of hieroglyphic writing (enigmatic writing; visual poetry; etc.)
  • graphic ideologies of hieroglyphic writing: the power of hieroglyphs and issues of ontology; hieroglyphs in society; hieroglyphs and authority; hieroglyphs and materiality
  • the reception of hieroglyphs, ancient (including pseudo-hieroglyphs) and modern; history of research
  • in the case of Egyptian hieroglyphs, their relation to other varieties (hieratic, demotic): influences and hybrid registers
  • comparative approaches to any of the above aspects of hieroglyphic writing across diverse traditions
  • comparative studies of Egyptian hieroglyphs and other complex writing systems - between universals and the culturally specific.